Project development

Using existing geological and geophysical maps of the exploration area, we establish a Geographical Information System (GIS) to fully analyse and determine the specifications required for a comprehensive Airborne Geophysical Survey. Typical specifications include the choice of equipment, magnetometers, spectrometers, gravity meters, VLF, etc. Flight line direction, flying height and choice of aircraft, either fixed wind or helicopter, are carefully considered with regard to quality and cost. Satellite imagery is also considered to provide base mapping and Infrared.


From these specifications a budget for the surveys is estimated for consideration and approval by the client. Thereafter, invitations are issued to reputable Airborne Geophysical Survey contractors to solicit detailed proposals with costs. After evaluation, a recommendation is made for the award to the company found to have made the most attractive offer.

Technology evaluation

When considering the tenders a careful study is made of the technology on offer to ensure that the most up-to-date equipment and systems are used.

Quality control (QC)

During the progress of the aerial survey, our consulting geophysicist will inspect the raw data collected from the aircraft and require the contractor to re-fly any areas that do not meet the specifications. The geophysical maps processed from the raw data will be supplied in preliminary form for approval by the consulting geophysicist before the final supplies are delivered.

Health and Safety

Avatar will ensure that the appointed contractor is a member of the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association and that the project is conducted in compliance of these regulations. The contractor will be required to submit its proposed measures to mitigate any health risk that may be expected to arise.

Environmental considerations

Before and during the Airborne Geophysical Survey due consideration will be made to minimize any extraordinary effects the survey may have on the environment.


Seismic Consultantcy

We provides a totally independent service that covering all the aspect in the seismic data acquisition. 

-Tender and contract preparation.

- Project design, parameter selection and test analysis

- Project Management, Logistic and project planning

- Ensure that your data seismic acquisition systems is running according with the manufactures specs and the standards of the industry.  Identification of equipment problems and deficiencies to suggest solutions to rectify faults and prevents occurrences.

- Quality Control during the acquisition process to enhance the value of your data.

- Investigation of seismic acquisition anomalies

- Data validation and processing QC for pre-analysis post acquisition.

The AVATAR seismic consultancy services comply with the industry accepted HS&E standards, OGP, IAGC, ISM, OSHA 18001 and ISO 14001. Our services are built on over 20 year of experience in the seismic acquisition business.

 Furthermore, our services and experience cover: Safety, Health, Environment and Security (SHE&S) management of seismic acquisition projects, covering a broad range of geophysical environments

Our other services at a glance:

  • Business and technology strategy
  • Hygiene checks on strategy and operations
  • Asset integrity and management via geographical information systems
  • Project planning, steering and controlling
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
Avatar and its business partners in London, Muscat and Johannesburg are working on a number of mining, tourism, property and infrastructure developments in the Sultanate of Oman. 
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