Mining, Tourism, Property and Infrastructure Investment Track Record

Our business focus is deal origination and project development in the tourism, property and infrastructure sectors; involving due diligence, financial modelling and investment feasibility studies. We are also involved in equity and debt structuring and in exchange listing; primarily on the JSE, with secondary listing on either the London, Oman, Toronto or Sydney exchanges.


Our track record totals in excess of US$ 2.0 billion in transactions. Selected transactions include:

SAFARI Investments                      USD 100 million

 TRUSTCO                                     USD 20 million

 ELB Group                                     Adviser

 ACCELERATE Properties              USD 375 million

 CAPITEC Bank                              USD 150 million

 O-Line Holdings Limited                USD 10 million

 CURRO Holdings                        USD  35 million

 IFA Hotels & Resorts                      Adviser

  METMAR Limited                       USD 5 million

 CAPEVIN Holdings Ltd                  USD 575 million

 KAAP AGRI Limited                       Adviser

 ZELDA Investments Ltd              USD 190 million

PALADIN Capital                            Adviser

CHEMSPEC Limited                    USD 18 million

RACEC Group Limited                   Adviser

ERBACON Group Limited              Adviser

SIYATENGA Property Fund           USD 40 million

IQUAD Group Limited                    Adviser

PSG Group Limited                        Adviser

iFOUR Properties Limited              USD 34 million

TOP-FIX Holdings Limited              Adviser


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